Pacific E&P has enabled various ethics-related reporting channels for its employees and other stakeholders.
You may contact the Company with any concerns, complaints or questions using the following methods:

Whistleblower Phone Numbers
Canada and the U.S.: 1 877 266 2579
Colombia dial: 01800 518 0744

Web Site
1. Clik on the icon ‘Whistleblower login’
2. Username: Pacific (with capital P)
3. Password: Pacific123 (with capital P)

Reports and Consultations Management Report confidentiality shall be maintained to the maximum extent possible in accordance with the need to perform an adequate analysis of the situation, by sticking to the law.

Whenever a report is made, it should include the highest amount of detail possible and a copy of the documentation that allows performing a thorough investigation of the reported situation or conduct. Vague reports or non-specific ones are harder to investigate.

Reports received are presented to the Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. Ethics Committe and analyzed and investigated by competent areas depending on the topic reported. If relevant, an expert and independent external consultant may carry out the corresponding investigations.

Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. grants fair treatment to the individuals involved in any report. All reports received are investigated in a classified and responsible way to guarantee that no actions are taken against an individual, an organization or a social group’s integrity and reputation. To ensure transparency and inclusion in the process, all involved parties are consulted upon.