The Best Talent


For Pacific E&P is a high priority to promote the professional growth of its employees. The Company is committed to maximizing their performance, which allows strengthening their sense of belonging, facilitating compliance with the objectives set in the short and medium term, and mobilizing the talent in the implementation of the corporate strategy.

This commitment relies on three lines of action:


Selection and Retention of Human Talent

Pacific E&P’s commitment is to contribute to improving the quality of life of its employees and their families; for this reason the Company is effectively managing compensation, closing equality gaps and guaranteeing competitiveness in remuneration levels.


Comprehensive Development

The identification of potential, performance management, succession, and employee career development prepare the Company to assume the challenges of the oil sector’s business cycle. Essential to this preparation are the quality of work teams, the exercise of inspiring leadership, and personal development that reflects the corporate values.


Organizational Learning

Pacific E&P has a history of success based on the talent of its employees in both technical and managerial roles. The growing demands of the markets, together with the unprecedented volatility of oil prices and the ever more complex socioeconomic surroundings, make having an organizational learning process based on international best practices indispensable. This is a process that can foster talent that is technically skilled and managerially proficient.


The Company’s salary equality indicator remained above 90% in 2014.

The results of the 2014 Great Place to Work survey indicated that one of the factors most appreciated and valued by Pacific E&P’s employees is the compensation system.

66% of the employees participating in the High-Potential Program have had some type of position movement, promotion, and/or international assignment to countries such as Mexico and Peru.

Implementation of an “Annual Training Plan” for all employees. Compliance with this plan was 82%.