Sustainable Development of Communities


Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. is committed to developing long-term solutions to meet the needs identified within the communities where it operates by implementing the Social Investment Plan and working in conjunction with government institutions.

First, the Company establishes a direct dialogue with the communities to encourage discussion and consensus, afterwards commitments and a joint agenda are established whereby government institutions, communities, and the Company work collaboratively to improve the surroundings, guaranteeing a balance between the social and the environmental contributions, promoting social inclusion and equity, and ensuring a transparent management.

This commitment relies on four lines of action:


Institutional Reinforcement

Collaborating with government institutions and civil society in order to contribute to the management of local affairs, the efficient use of public goods and the identification of priorities that reinforce institutionality and social fabric.



Contributing to children, young, adult, and ethnic communities’ education, thus providing essential tools to acquire values, competences, knowledge and technical and personal skills that promote comprehensive development.



Supporting agricultural productive projects and ventures that contribute to the sustainable use of biodiversity, the revitalization of local economies, the income generation, and the employment in compliance with the law and based on values.

These projects aim to generate financial profit while meeting the needs of the society in the areas of influence.


Mutual Investment

Supporting the State in terms of helping the municipalities in emergency situations and strengthening institutions –both locally and countrywide– through philanthropic initiatives especially related to health and education.

The joint contribution is based on the commitment with the countries in which the Company operates and is framed within a strategic vision based on common goals and interests.


In 2014, Pacific E&P designed and built the infrastructure necessary to satisfy the demand for natural gas for homes in the municipality of San Pedro, Sucre (Colombia). This project has benefited 480 families by eliminating wood as primary fuel, which reduced gas emissions and the risk of fire.

In 2014, the Company granted 151 higher education scholarships to at-risk youth, and improved the infrastructure at 8 schools and 1 educational institution, benefi¬ting 770 children in the Casanare department (Colombia). Additionally, 345 people were trained in programs about food and hygienic handling, construction of cooperatives, occupational health, and other topics.

Together with the Mayoralty of Puerto Gaitan (Colombia) and the Universidad del Norte, Pacific E&P trained 118 new educational agents in Meta department (Colombia) who will participate in the development of 590 young children and their families.

Along with the indigenous communities in the Meta department (Colombia) Pacific E&P developed the project Conucos en Sabana to create a sustainable production system to promote food security within those communities.

Pacific E&P reiterated the support for the Teleton Foundation by contributing to the construction of a rehabilitation centre with the capacity to serve 2,500 people.