Pacific E&P aims to become the top independent oil and gas exploration and production company in Latin America in terms of reserves, production and value generation.

Pacific E&P also intends to position itself among the most widely known companies in the world through its contribution to sustainable development of the environment in which it operates. In addition, the Company is committed to operating in a sustainable, responsible and profitable manner.

Pacific E&P seeks to create value among its various stakeholders in order to build a mutually beneficial relationship. With this commitment in mind, the Company works to generate opportunities that produce extraordinary results and innovative solutions.

Pacific E&P’s value-generation model is based on three dimensions:

  • Growth
  • Efficiency
  • Adaptability

Pacific E&P seeks to create value within all levels and functions of the organization through the implementation of various processes that are aligned with the Company’s strategy. These processes are driven by adaptation and innovation according to the needs of the various business units of the Company, while also recognizing shared value, minimizing costs and developing human talent.