Respect Human Rights


For Pacific Exploration & Production Corp., it is essential to promote human rights in the countries where it operates. For that reason, the Company works on the development of solid relationships based on proactive dialog and the creation of a culture that defends those rights.

The Company also works in the identification and prevention of actual or potential effects on the dignity, wellbeing and rights of the employees, their families, the communities in the areas of influence and other stakeholders impacted by the Company’s operations. Similarly, the Company monitors the behavior of suppliers and contractors.

This commitment relies on five lines of action:


Right of Association

Pacific E&P strives to ensure that the right of association is universal within the Company. The objective is to guarantee that all Pacific E&P’s employees and contractors are aware of the right of association and feel free to decide whether to exercise this right.


Eradication of Child and Forced Labour

Pacific E&P remains committed to protecting the rights of children and teenagers, especially through the prevention of child and forced labour, deemed by the Company as one of the worst types of abuse against the rights of children. Pacific E&P rejects the hiring and exploitation of minors in the operations and supply chain, and strictly imposes zero tolerance for child labour.


Security and Human Rights

Pacific E&P is committed with the promotion and respect of the Human Rights in its operation fields.


Relations with Ethnic Groups

Pacific E&P recognizes the existence of ethnic groups in its areas of influence; the Company also understands that ethnic groups have special considerations that must be taken into account at all stages of the engagement process.


Gender Equality

Pacific E&P aims to create awareness among its employees about the importance of promoting gender equality and the full exercise of the rights of men and women. This policy is also aimed to generate an appreciation of the positive impact on the Company’s competitiveness and efficiency.




In 2014, Pacific E&P was accepted as a member of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, an international initiative that provides guiding principles for protection and security in extractive operations under a framework of respect for and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

At the end of 2014, there were 1,757 direct employees affiliated to the UTEN labour union, which represents 13% of UTEN’S total affiliates and 67% of the Company’s total employees. This demonstrates the growing awareness of the right of association amongst the direct employees of the Company.

In 2014, Pacific E&P led the creation of the Local Network against Child Labour in Colombia, an initiative in which the Company actively participates to eradicate child labour along with the Ministry of Labour, the private sector, civil society, and multilateral organizations.

In 2014, Pacific E&P officially launched its gender declaration, which stems from the Sustainability Policy and is aligned with one of the corporate values: “Diversity and Inclusion.”