Harmony with the Environment


For Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. is a priority to ensure efficient use of natural resources and mitigate risks and impacts to the environment.

The Company is focused on guaranteeing the development of its operations, ensuring the sustainable use of the natural resources in its areas of influence, and leading and strengthening relationships with the government and environmental authorities.

This commitment relies on five lines of action:


Pacific E&P supports the protection of the biodiversity at its fields of operation through actions such as the exclusion of forest areas from operations, the exercise of sound environmental practices, reforestation with native species, and forest enrichment.

Comprehensive Water Management

Water constitutes a basic component in the industry’s operations; therefore Pacific E&P is focused on establishing improvements to reduce consumption and generate strategies for the reuse of residual water.

Waste Management

Pacific E&P considers that the management of solid waste is an articulated process between technical, social, economic, and legal factors. Hand in hand with employees and strategic allies, the Company actively promotes the generation of spaces for good practices and proactive waste management.

Energy and Emissions

Pacific E&P is focused on optimizing the use of energy by reducing sources of localized energy (which work by burning fossil fuels) and reducing the carbon footprint.

Prevention and Remediation of Incidents

Pacific E&P implements actions directed towards strengthening emergency prevention strategies applicable to each operational activity and contingency management systems.


The monitoring of fauna in the Rubiales and Quifa fields during 2014 allowed for the identification of species of interest. The results were 10 new fauna protection registrations, as well as 68 species birds, 10 mammals, 9 reptiles, and 4 amphibians registered as protected.

In 2014, Pacific E&P initiated the installation and commissioning phase of the production water treatment plant at the Rubiales field, which will allow for the reuse of production water. This plant can treat 1,500,000 barrels of water per day that can then be reused in agricultural irrigation activities.

In Sabanero field, the Company reused 85% of the water from backwash plants for construction and operational activities, and in the cleaning of external areas. In this field, Pacific E&P also increased the use of rainwater by running a pilot water collection. As a result, 500 litres of rainwater for every 30 minutes of rainfall were collected.

Use of over 30 tonnes of solid for the construction of infrastructure, pipe protectors, pedestrian walkways, ornamentation, installation of ecological stations, and the construction of planters and chairs.

The implementation of Petroelétrica de Los Llanos (PEL), an energy substitution strategy that generates savings of 50% per kWh and provides a 21% reduction in the use of fossil fuels in the operation of the Rubiales and Quifa fields.

In 2014, the Company began an audit process with ICONTEC to improve the carbon footprint calculation procedure.