Frequently Asked Questions – Dividends

Does Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. pay a dividend? Will the Company continue to pay a dividend in the future?

The Board of Directors of the Company has suspended the quarterly dividend in the amount of $0.165 per share (or approximately $52 million per quarter) as of the first quarter of 2015 while international oil prices remain depressed.

While a formal dividend policy is not in place, the payment of quarterly dividends will continue to be reviewed by the Board of Directors, as needed, from time to time. Future dividends on Pacific E&P’s common shares are not guaranteed.

Who do I contact if I haven’t received my dividend?

You should contact your broker if you have not received your dividend. If you are a registered shareholder, you can also contact Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. transfer agent, TMX Equity Transfer Services, at:

200 University Avenue, Suite 300
Attn: Investor Relations
Toronto ON M5H 4H1
Toll Free: 1 (866) 393-4891 ext. 205

Where can I find information on tax consequences and considerations for receiving dividends from Pacific Exploration & Production Corp.?

Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. does not provide any advice on the tax consequences and considerations of investors or potential investors. Investors or potential investors should consult their own tax advisors as to their particular tax consequences and reporting obligations.

Does Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. have a dividend reinvestment program (DRIP)?

Pacific Exploration & Production Corp. does not currently offer a dividend reinvestment program.