Development Program for Local Suppliers (DPLS)

In line with Pacific E&P’s corporate strategic framework, the supply chain must ensure that the Company can achieve sustainable growth; this growth must involve shared value in terms of the environment and a minimization of risks inherent to supply. Therefore, when developing commercial relationships with companies located in the local regions of operations, Pacific E&P seeks to identify supply sources that are closer in proximity in order to reduce logistical costs.

The Company currently has a Corporate Policy for Treatment of the National Offer for Goods and Services, which promotes the participation of local suppliers and contractors in the purchasing and contracting processes of the Company, keeping in mind suitability, competitiveness, and efficacy.

During 2014, local purchases totalled US $338,724,842.14

  • Local suppliers in the Unified Single RegistryPacific E&P designed a strategy for the registration of local suppliers in the Unified Supplier Registry as the first step in generating opportunities for participation by local suppliers in contract processes, while also strengthening relationships. In the Meta and Casanare departments, the Company developed a registration campaign at eight locations (Trinidad, Paz de Ariporo, Vista Hermosa, Puerto Gaitán, Orocué, Yopal, Barranca de Upia, and Villavicencio) that covered 21 municipalities. From this campaign, 350 new local suppliers were identified, of which 146 are micro-enterprises that have been registered, and 204 are SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) that can potentially be registered.


  • Local Chain Procurement ProgramPacific E&P expanded its Local Chain Procurement Program (“LCPP”) to 12 municipalities in the Meta and Casanare departments, and included 343 companies between those already developed and those in the process of development. The Company prioritized 17 contracting criteria for local goods and services and initiated three technology transfer processes.

This program allows for local and regional entrepreneurs to access Pacific E&P’s value chain with the goal of strengthening local economies. In 2014, three local companies became Pacific E&P’s suppliers.